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Local Control Is Back!

After 20 plus years of state control, Newark residents will finally have a say in the education of our children. Now, the country will finally recognize what we've known all along: there's genius in the bones of Newark's children.

As the next Councilmember from the Central Ward, I understand that local control means that I will be entrusted to foster a healthy environment that supports excellent schools through the effective utilization of city services and resources. I know that I will be assigned the awesome task of collaborating with student leaders, parents, educators, and community stakeholders to explore innovative ways to attack old problems in our schools. I believe that my background as a professional in the public school system will enable me to facilitate good working relationships with principals, non-profit service providers, and recreation centers to expand high quality after school programming. This will also allow us to effectively extend the school day.

Together, we will create neighborhoods that meet the needs of students and encourage academic success.

I commend the Mayor, who has kept the return of local control at the forefront of his public mandate. I commend the students and teachers who stood steadfast during this time and thrived despite the obstacles. And I recognize the next generation of leaders who are found in the classrooms of the 66 schools in our City each day. They deserve a coordinated effort to improve what happens in our schools and our community.

We know that the best is yet to come!

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